• Special Prize Draw Raising Funds For the Samaritans 2017 Closes March 25th Midnight

Special Prize Draw Raising Funds For the Samaritans 2017 Closes March 25th Midnight

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The Prizes for this draw are as follows

(This draw closes on MARCH 25th Midnight draw takes place from 18:00hrs MARCH 28th) 

The former live casks that had to be decommissioned between June 24th and August 2016 the very last bottles from each cask. 1 Ticket = 1 bottle 

1X 1842 London Bottling Highland Live Cask 60% 

1X 1842 London Bottling Dark Rum Live Cask 68%

1X 1842 London Bottling Campbeltown Live Cask 60%

1X 1842 London Bottling Lowland Live cask 58% 

1X 1842 London Bottling Islay Live cask 54%b

SPECIAL BOTTLES From Springbank Distillers & William Cadenhead's 

Only 1 bottle of each is available, neither of these bottles have or will be available to buy in the near future, each has a unique label to mark this marathon fundraising event being held in the London Shop.

1X Longrow 18 year old Sherry Cask 50% Vol 1 of 1 bottles 

1X Caol Ila 26 year old 51.7% Vol 1 of 1 bottles 

Next we have some customer donated bottles. We have to thank John, Ben, Richard, Carl & Mark:

1X Kilkerran 12th Anniversary Dinner 55.5% 

2X Auchroisk 27 Cadenhead’s Club members bottles 360 bottles in the world

1X Glenturret 2000 Sherry wood GM 

2X Lagavulin Tasting Companion Box sets 

1X Longrow Red Port Cask 

Donated by Staff of Cadenhead’s:

2X Mortlach Rare Old 50cl 

2X Bowmore Small Batch Distillery Bottles

1X Bowmore 9 year old sherry cask Distillery Bottle  

1X Springbank 10 year old (2016 Label) 

1X Springbank 15 year old (2016 Label) 

1X Glendronach 15 year old revival 

1X Glenlivet 15 year old Picture Label GM

1X Benromach Cask Strength 58.2% Distillery Label Tin Carton 

1X Benromach Peat Smoke 46% Distillery label Tin Carton 

1X Paul John Classic 55.2% signed Carton 

1X Paul John Bold 46% Signed Carton 

1X Paul John Brilliance 46% Signed Carton 

1X Wild Turkey bottled 1990's - early 2000's 101 USA Proof 50.5% Vol 

Tasting Room 

1X 10 People Private Evening Trip Around Scotland 6:15PM  Wednesday, Thursday or Friday’s Excluding second and last Friday of the month. 

1X 6-10 People Private Saturday Whisky Tasting Experience 1PM 3PM or 5PM

1X 5 People to join one of the Vintage 21+ Friday Tasting sessions 6:15PM second or last Friday of the month 

To help raise awareness of a growing situation we all face at sometime in our lives either directly or indirectly we at Cadenhead’s have decided to team up with the Samaritans. Below you will find a a few paragraphs from the organisation and the work they do. 

From a personal point of view I wanted to do something following the death of a young person back in late 2016. 

Following a trip home to see my mother I was sat on a train heading back to London, we stopped at a station for a long time so long I was thinking I will miss my connection! Then after some 30 mins it became obvious what had happened. The young person had stepped in-front of the train while it was traveling at speed. 

To see so many lives lost because they felt isolated or unable to seek help, or they did not want to burden someone close or feel they could not truly express what was happening. This is one of the greatest tragedies in my mind and obviously avoidable to some degree if we are aware of those closest to us! Be they family or friends or work colleagues. 

We now see further cuts to vital services that will tip more people over the edge or feel they have no way out of the situation or they are simply a burden is wrong!! Cutting services by 20 or even 100% in the hope the voluntary sector can cope is wrong and immoral yet we have seen announcements of cuts across the whole of the nation can we simply ignore it or do a small thing to help? 


At any time of the day or night, we’re here and we listen.  Every year we Central London Samaritans receives over 100,000 calls for help from people struggling to cope.  

Whether it’s over the phone or face to face, by text or email, our volunteers give you the time and space to help you find your own way through. We provide people with non-judgemental, confidential, emotional support, 24-hours a day, every single day of the year.  

We offer a drop in service at our Soho branch, 12 hours a day (9am-9pm), 365 days a year so you can meet with a volunteer face to face.  Our work with London’s most vulnerable communities is truly transformational. Throughout seven Central London boroughs we support the homeless, young people, LGBT+, people bereaved by suicide and men and women in custody. We also respond to the needs of local business by working in partnership to develop training programmes for staff to raise understanding of mental health and well-being in the workplace. Emotional Health Education is a key priority for Central London Samaritans.  Here’s more information on young people and how we’re reaching out to them:


Young People – Social isolation and suicidal feelings

In 2014, 597 young people between the ages of 10 and 24 took their own lives. Every year many thousands more attempt or contemplate suicide, harm themselves or suffer alone, afraid to speak openly about how they are feeling. Children & Young People’s Health Forum research suggests that as many as 19,000 adolescents in the UK attempt suicide each year.


Reaching out to vulnerable young people across Central London

Our schools and universities teams work across Central London to deliver a range of services for young people. We run introductory sessions on the subjects of mental and emotional health to raise awareness about the support service that is available from Samaritans, and deliver workshops to equip young people with skills to recognise mental health issues within themselves and others. These workshops are focused on highlighting the importance of mental health and provide young people with the tools to cope. Our aspiration is that the young people we reach feel less isolated, better aware of the support available to them and better able to care for their emotional wellbeing. Our long-term aim is to reduce death by suicide and alleviate feelings of emotional distress and despair.


A survey of our work with schools in 2015 revealed that following a session with Central London Samaritans i) 92% of young people understood the importance of emotional support and where to go to ask for help and ii) 100% of young people now appreciated the value of listening.  We hope that as these young people progress into adult life, they will have a greater inclination to contact Samaritans should the need ever present itself in the future.


Suicide isn’t inevitable, it’s preventable. Together we can save lives.